by Natt Phenjati, a human who made this web

This is an official website of Statler & Waldorf or S&W, a RPI student-run publication. As you can see that now there is almost nothing on website. Let me explain to you why. Yesterday (Oct, 15th), I bumped into Jim, the lovely editor-in-chief of S&W. Jim said something like “Hey Natt, I need a website … by the coming Tuesday.” So I made him one, a real simple one.

I will improve the website some time in the future. I am new to WordPress, so if anyone has any comment of suggestion for me, please leave your message here or send me an email at phenjn@rpi.edu.

Cheer & Thank you for your comment!


8 responses to “About

  1. I love Natt.

  2. Hey S&W

    Do something crazy! Do something crazy!

  3. Don’t worry about the sparseness. It’s perfect and beautiful. Just needs more comments.

  4. The layout is still a bit confusing. Specifically, I don’t understand why there are four pages dedicated to responses (front page, Categories>Issue>9.1, 9.2, Categories>Responses).
    I suppose this would work if there was other content like text copies of the articles, but right now it just seems really redundant.
    Kudos on the appearance update. It looks good.

    • Smee,
      Thank you for your comment. I am still working on putting up more stuffs into the website. Do you think the interactive version of the issue enough? Or should I post each article individually.


  5. Natt is amazing as usual.

  6. Oh, wow. That makes everything much better. The interactive issues being right next to the responses definitely made it work. Very nicely done.

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