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Response to “Laundry List of Loathing”

from Anonymous

Why I love(d) S&W

When I was a freshman, S&W seemed like the coolest concept to me. It was an open forum for people to openly bash anything they wanted about RPI. There was nothing held back, and it was quality writing. When an issue was brought to the table, there was no pussyfooting around it (e.g., EMPAC, President Jackson, ECAV). I don’t understand much about how this happened, but it isn’t the same anymore. Continue reading


Response to “India Is the (Cow) Shit!”

from Nithin Mathew, graduate student

I follow S&W on and off and have contributed photographs to the magazine more than once. I was surprised to find this issue carrying a speech of contempt, titled:”India is the (Cow) Shit”. Being from India, a land of varied and sometimes contradicting culture, I would like to say that I found this article not in the apt spirit for a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic university environment. Continue reading

Issue 9.2

S&W 9.2