Issue 9.4

S&W 9.4


Response to “Response to ‘How to Lose a Guy in 45 Days’”

By Laura Cherni

I was amazed at the blatant and overwhelming amount of conceitedness displayed in the most recent letter to the editor of S&W. It remind me of the “geek” version of last article’s humor piece, although based upon the arguments within the letter and how it was presented, I’m quite sure it wasn’t trying to be satirical and was merely displaying an extreme case of RIBS (although I’m not sure if it’s even RI?). The crushing arrogance that was shown in shutting down the gentlemen of this school, many of whom have to work up the courage to talk to girls, much less hit on them, is appalling. Allow me to post a few counter-arguments, point for point, to this most illuminating letter, and address them directly towards the author. Continue reading

Response to “Response to ‘How to Lose a Guy in 45 Days’”

In Defense of Depravity

by Patrick “Smee” Buford

The Ratio sucks.

Yes, this has been said many times in many ways for many reasons, and there’s nothing that will solve that problem short of protesting the Ratio in the middle of Accepted Students Day. Or short of that, walking six blocks to Russell Sage College. Continue reading

Response to “Response to ‘How to Lose a Guy in 45 Days’”

How to Piss Off a Feminazi in 45 Days

by Patrick “Smee” Buford

I’m a guy at RPI. So are many of the girls. I don’t mean that in a “tranny” way, although sometimes that is the right meaning. I just mean that I still have that far-off memory of how girls act in real life, and it just doesn’t match what I see now. Going off-campus gives me a subtle version of the feeling I imagine accompanies getting out of prison. “Hey, there are women,” I think to myself, “Maybe tonight won’t end with a tired right hand or a sore butt.” Continue reading

Response to “How to Lose a Guy in 45 Days”

by Sarah French

I’m a girl at RPI who found your piece really irritating. I haven’t had to go to DOSO yet, but I have had incidents where guys were creepy, stalkerish, and inappropriate when I had no interest in them. Yes, I socialize with geeky men. Geeky men are generally cool people; they play Dungeons and Dragons with me and watch the same sci-fi shows as I do. I like them as friends – I don’t want to date any of these guys. Yet, they keep freakin’ trying to ask me out. (sigh) Maybe I shouldn’t be friends with them, so they’ll stop crushing on me and then getting all weird and sketchtastic. It is not that they are bad people; it is that they are silly. Guys, I know the odds are against you. Still, your chances with me aren’t quite as good as your chances with a nearby squirrel. Continue reading

Issue 9.3

S&W 9.3

Response to “Laundry List of Loathing”

from Anonymous

Why I love(d) S&W

When I was a freshman, S&W seemed like the coolest concept to me. It was an open forum for people to openly bash anything they wanted about RPI. There was nothing held back, and it was quality writing. When an issue was brought to the table, there was no pussyfooting around it (e.g., EMPAC, President Jackson, ECAV). I don’t understand much about how this happened, but it isn’t the same anymore. Continue reading