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09-10 Photo Contest

09-10 S&W Photo Contest

  • Submit up to 5 photos per person
  • To:
  • Deadline: 02/05/2010
  • Minimum size: 2000 x 2000 pixel
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Can be color or b&w
  • There will be prizes
  • More detail will be announced soon…

Issue 9.6

RPI Fall Fashion 2009

Fall Fashion Banner

When you think fashion, you may not necessarily think RPI. However, our eclectic campus is prone to some seriously unique looks. S&W went in search of some of the most interesting ensembles on campus. Click here to see what we have found. Continue reading

Issue 9.5

Response to “The Great Happiness Survey”

by Mel Diaz

I thank you guys for writing this article, as it is a topic that I have heard discussed a number of times with differing opinions over the years that I have been here. It’s always intriguing to hear differing opinions like this because of the varied demographics of people who come here to study. At the same time, not everyone has the same definition of what it means to be happy, so that should be considered as well. Continue reading

Response to “ The Great Happiness Survey”

by Thomas Reithinger

I really liked the article in this week’s S&W about happiness at RPI. However, I think it overlooks a major source of happiness within the student body: A monorail. If RPI had a monorail connecting the major points on campus, happiness would go up by an order of magnitude! Continue reading